Successful DHF Training

Fully trained for Industrial and Garage Doors

As part of our continuous training programme, we are pleased to have passed the DHF Industrial and Garage Door Safety Diploma Training Course. This in addition to the existing Door and Hardware Federation Powered Gate Safety Diploma passed by all of the BGB Engineers enabling them to do risk assessments and give the best advice with regards to compliance and safety in these areas.

The course uses Technical Specification DHF TS 012:2018 Code of Practice for the Design, Manufacture, Installation and Maintenance of Industrial Doors and Garage Doors, as the basis for the training.  Helping us ensure that work carried out by BGB is to the highest and safest standard possible.

The DHF Powered Gate Group represents the leading manufacturers, suppliers, installers and maintainers of powered automatic gates and gate automation equipment. It says the success of its training scheme demonstrates the industry’s commitment to driving up levels of powered gate safety in the UK.

The scheme ensures that DHF Powered Gate Group member companies’ personnel are trained to provide and install fully compliant gates in all environments. It is recognised as one of the most comprehensive powered gate training schemes in Europe.

During each course, delegates complete a number of training modules – covering all aspects of gate safety from initial risk assessment through to force testing – in order to obtain their coveted DHF gate safety diplomas. Topics covered include law and regulations, use of standards, risk assessment, testing and inspection, documentation, repair and maintenance.

It is compulsory for all DHF Powered Gate Group members to put their personnel through the training scheme. It allows member companies to use the DHF Safety Assured mark which is their customer assurance that specifiers and purchasers have made a responsible and safe choice when choosing and maintaining powered gates.

About BGB

Established in 2007 Boundary Gate and Barrier Contracts dedicated team of skilled and experienced individuals have quickly established an impressive national customer base and an enviable reputation for knowledge and expertise in the application of Perimeter Security systems. Our mission is to provide you with a reliable, honest, cost-effective service and we are dedicated to giving you, our customers, the highest level of service and support at all times. Boundary Gate and Barrier Contracts is part of the Asset Protection Group.