Road Blockers

Road Blockers

Offering the ultimate anti-ram protection

Road blockers can offer the necessary anti-ram protection vital for high-risk businesses, who house sensitive information or high-value stock. They are an effective method of security to neutralise any threat of attack by vehicles and are  becoming increasingly popular and useful to commercial properties.

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What do we offer?

Road blockers range from rising kerb, surface mounted to the fully automated PAS 68 range used on high-security sites such as consulates and Government buildings.

BGB can install both electrically operated road blockers, as well as, hydraulic operated road blockers controlled by a dedicated control panel. They are manufactured from high grade galvanised steel and paint finished to ensure Offering the ultimate anti-ram protectionhigh visibility for vehicles approaching.

BGB will supply and install road blockers to suit the width of the road on your premises and will aim to cause as minimal disruption as possible. By continually maintaining them we can assure our customers the road blockers will have a long life and require little intervention.

BGB can also install flashing beacon, warning signage, warning siren, LED traffic lights and a battery back-up.

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Rising Kerb Road Blockers:

Rising Kerb Road Blockers are a highly efficient means of preventing unauthorised access to commercial and industrial sites. It is also utilised as a visual deterrent to prospective criminals. 

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They are effective on both manned and unmanned sites. Like the surface mounted road blockers, the kerbs are manufactured from welded galvanised steel to withstand heavy-duty vehicles driving over it. They are available as electrically operated or hydraulic operated and come in a range of widths and designs to suit individual site specifications.  Where an entrance or exit is wide enough to accommodate it, rising kerb blockers can be installed side by side to ensure maximum security with a fast-operational time. They are more suited to locations that are high-risk and are often used as an anti-terrorism security measure.

Surface Mount Road Blockers:

Surface Mount Road Blockers are a strong and versatile access control solution, which can be put into operation quickly.  

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They are a more cost-effective alternative where commercial properties may not be as high-risk to require vehicle barriers or automated gates. They are suitable for properties where vehicle entering at speed is a concern. The road blocker can be installed without any need to disturb the concrete and are most commonly bolted to the surface of the road or a suspended slab. They can be electrically operated or hydraulic operated, however, the hydraulic option is more suitable if the premises have a high volume of traffic each day. The steel is galvanised during manufacture to protect from corrosion.

PAS 68 Road Blockers:

PAS 68 Road Blockers are the perfect solution for security installations where a high-profile deterrent is required. On installation, they require a control cabinet, detection loops and ducting so the blockers will function correctly.

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Our Engineers will ensure everything is installed to an extremely high standard and compliant to the correct legislation. They are surface mounted but can also be mounted into the foundations, if the site requires it. They can be interfaced with other access control systems and are powered by hydraulics for hassle-free operation.


Speed and Efficiency

They are fast-acting to prevent unauthorised vehicles from entering your business or property. They can be set up to automatically rise on alarm reducing the need for staff interaction and increase their safety.

Crime Prevention

They are highly visible to criminals to give the indication your property would be difficult to enter and commit theft or other types of crime.

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