Garage Doors

Garage Doors

Electric roller garage doors with a remote.

Electric Roller Garage Door systems are a convenient alternative to the standard manual garage door, with the added aesthetic appeal. They are useful for a variety of applications and ultimately make any type of property more secure.

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What do we offer?

BGB’s Electric Roller Garage Door offering is vast and wide, we can provide a range of size and colour options, whatever suits your property the best. We also can include thermal insulation which is effective for residential properties, where the garage may be a part of the house. Our electric garage doors are made from high quality, double-skinned insulated aluminium and are operated via remote control.

All our garage doors are offered with a maintenance agreement to ensure future reliability and safety. Call for your free site survey.


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Colour Options






With a range of size and colour options available, including thermal insulation, electric opening systems and we really can tailor each installation to fit your needs.


  • Totally bespoke, made to measure.
  • We take away your old door FREE OF CHARGE.
  • Top-quality electronically operated, remote controlled roller garage doors.
  • Double-skinned, top quality insulated aluminium.
  • Neat and compact, giving you extra width and height.
  • A range of colour options available.


Space Saving

They save space, because the open vertically as opposed to outwards, they are a great option for small spaces that require improved security. Because it opens vertically, it can be fitted to any shape or garage structure, even archways.

Improved Perimeter Security

It removes the need for an external lock, like regular garage doors, which improves the security of your home, business and/or vehicle.

Strong Material

Because we offer double-skinned aluminium, your garage door will remain intact in the most adverse weather conditions and will help reduce the amount of heat that escapes from your garage.

User Friendly

As it’s electric it is more suitable for people with mobility issues or disabilities, than a traditional garage door which requires physical exertion to lift.

Financial Value

The increased security and kerb appeal due to the variety of different aesthetics, will likely add value to your residential property.

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