Our brand-new website

New website open for business.


BGB’s website has gone through a complete renovation, it was built to provide customers with more and clearer information on the products and services we offer.

It is now far more visually appealing, has a whole new set up of services and sectors that go more in-depth than ever before. It also now has a dedicated accreditations page, showcasing all the certifications BGB have, which recognises our quality and high level of service.


Products and Systems

With the new website, comes a new systems section. The original site housed the same list of products; however, the content of the pages was uninformative, incorrect, often repetitive and on some, entirely unreadable.

The new website now houses individual pages for each BGB product, which go into detail on what BGB offer, how the product can work for customers and a full list of benefits for commercial and residential properties. Additionally, on every product page, there is now an enquire button which allows you to get in touch with BGB should you have a question about one of the products or are looking to start the process to get a security solution installed at your property.

Sectors/ Customer Types

On the original website, there was no sectors section showcasing where and how we can help their customers. It merely created confusion that there was no definition between what products were most applicable for residential properties and what was best for commercial premises.

We wanted to make it far easier for commercial and residential customers to see what the preliminary security recommendations we could make for their property. It is the hope with more clear cut definitions between the products, more customers will be able to find suitable we products for their requirements and will promote more use of the enquiry section, available on every page of the site.



We know how useful it is for customers to be able to see on one site all the services that BGB can offer. Although a services section existed on the previous site it was muddled. The installation service was in the same section as repairs which had very similar content to the maintenance section making it difficult to differentiate and understand what exactly services we are capable of.

The new site is the complete opposite, the services page still has its own section and each category: site survey/design, installation, maintenance and 24-hour call-out service. They all have their own content specific to the individual service and make it clear and concise exactly what BGB can do for its customers.

Nicholas Michael – APG Marketing Manager said the following:

The old BGB website had poor legibility. White text set against images (which varied in brightness) made it difficult to read the text on any page. This isn’t to say white-text on images is always bad, but it must be done carefully. The whole 21-page website featured a single-page layout which was inflexible and offered no variety in the way that the pages looked, this contributed to the website feeling stale and old.


In contrast, the new website has a variety of page styles that all best showcase the info on that page, for example on product pages we masked the backgrounds of images to show exactly what was being offered the masking effect makes the product appear 3D. This approach embraces white space to highlight what BGB supply/installs and maintains.


Additionally, the back-end management was difficult, the new website is much easier to update & manage so expect to see much more updates on the BGB website.

Screenshots of old website 


As talked about with the systems, sectors and services the rest of the website received similar treatment. Clear and concise information that’s easy to find and can demonstrate to customers exactly what BGB can do.

The accreditations page is very user-friendly and can be found through other linked pages throughout the website. As well as all the systems, which are also linked throughout to make it easy to return to a page that you thought was interesting or may want to evaluate it next to something you’ve read on another page. 

As the BGB website is now more user-friendly than ever, you should expect to see more in the future. You can also follow BGB on social media, Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook to keep up to date with all the latest posts.  So now you’re done reading this, feel free to browse the website and once you’re done with that, find us on our social media pages and let us know how much you like it. 

About BGB

Established in 2007 Boundary Gate and Barrier Contracts dedicated team of skilled and experienced individuals have quickly established an impressive national customer base and an enviable reputation for knowledge and expertise in the application of Perimeter Security systems. Our mission is to provide you with a reliable, honest, cost-effective service and we are dedicated to giving you, our customers, the highest level of service and support at all times. Boundary Gate and Barrier Contracts is part of APG.