Road Blockers

Offering the ultimate in anti-ram protection

It is no secret that locations holding high value stock or sensitive information such as government buildings, military installations and even retail distribution centres face an increased risk of attack in today’s volatile climate.

Criminals and terrorist are now highly organised and well equipped to take advantage of premises that are not adequately defended. Owners, FM, Loss Prevention and Property Managers face a daunting task in ensuring the protection of these premises.

A suitable Perimeter Security system incorporating Road Blockers, designed, installed and maintained by Boundary Gate and Barrier Contracts provides you with a secure first line defence.

Security Road Blockers from Boundary Gate and Barrier Contracts can be used independently or combined with complimentary systems including vehicle access points to offer immediate and comprehensive protection for vulnerable areas.

Using rising kerb Road Blockers, anti-ram road blockers and a range of automatic rising kerb systems, you can assure your properties’ safety and security with a highly visible physical deterrent that can be deployed immediately to neutralise the potential threat posed by vehicle attack.

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