Manual, automatic and static Bollards offer an effective security and vehicle control solutions.

Many locations, where vehicles are permitted, have issues of encroachment relating to vehicle parking. In an increasing number of cases this results in high vehicle related crime.

Parking encroachment can be alleviated by creating clear demarcation between areas where it is safe to drive or park and where it is unsafe to drive or park. By utilising appropriate Bollards; traffic, pedestrians and vulnerable areas can be protected simply and effectively.

Boundary Gate and Barrier Contracts have teamed up with the world leaders in Bollard manufacture to bring you the best selection of manual, automatic and static bollards available today.

Used individually to provide security and boundary control, or incorporated into an integrated electronic access control system, Boundary Gate and Barrier Contracts can create a traffic access solution appropriate for virtually every site, from a domestic house to a town centre.

For retail and high security applications, anti-ram Bollards have the added benefit of being a very visible deterrent to expensive and disruptive crimes such as ram raiding and vehicle theft. The presence of Bollards can prevent a crime taking place in the first place and if attempted, it can make the criminals escape impossible.

Automatic Bollards are quick and easy to install, with very little disruption. When fully retracted, they are almost invisible; hence their popularity in domestic installations such as gated communities, town centres, high profile office complexes, and sites of special interest.

For additional security and flexibility, Boundary Gate and Barrier Contracts’ automatic Bollards are compatible with all forms of automatic and electronic access control technologies, including; intercom systems, card readers, keypad operated locking systems, long range tagging, automatic vehicle identifications, and automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) technology.

Bollards provide a flexible alternative to more traditional vehicle access control systems and are often favoured where looks and style are important. With a range of finishes and styles, Boundary Gate and Barrier Contracts Bollards will integrate seamlessly with all modern streetscapes and architectural styles.

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