Vehicle Barriers

The ideal solution for car park security

Secure car parking barriers and automated car parking systems create a visual and physical deterrent, while allowing the controlled flow of traffic into and out of your premises. With Boundary Gate and Barrier Contracts it is easy to balance the requirements of cost efficiencies and site security to create a Vehicle Barrier system that meets your particular requirements.

Vehicle Barriers and automatic car parking barriers are manufactured to a robust and proven design, to provide you with the best possible security, operational performance and reliability to keep your organisation functioning efficiently and above all securely. All Boundary Gate and Barrier ContractsVehicle Barriers are installed and maintained in full compliance with all relevant British and European Standards and Codes of Best Practice to ensure safe operation.

Boundary Gate and Barrier Contracts can work with you to give virtually unlimited parking control and flexibility. Our secure Vehicle Barrier systems can be configured to manage a wide range of site and traffic applications; and are capable of integrating with existing on-site traffic control systems, including vehicle tagging, card access and ANPR technology.

Vehicle Barriers can be successfully applied across a wide range of industries, including Leisure and Hospitality - where customer convenience and security are paramount - through to high security locations - where they act as an integral and highly visible part of an integrated security solution.

Boundary Gate and Barrier ContractsVehicle Barriers are currently utilised to safeguard perimeter vehicular access to some of the most sensitive and secure facilities in the world including; embassies and consulates, military installations, courthouses, legislative buildings, nuclear power plants, industrial centres, research labs and many other high profile locations.

Boundary Gate and Barrier Contracts will carry out a thorough, free of charge, site survey to ascertain precisely what the best solution to meet your unique requirements are. 

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