Palisade Fencing

Palisade Fencing is the bench mark for commercial Perimeter Fencing applications due to the strength and security it offers as the ideal deterrent to unauthorised access, leading to theft and wilful damage.

With a profile designed specifically for Perimeter Fencing security applications, high security Palisade Fencing is favoured by both local authorities and many commercial businesses.

The visual deterrent of imposing Palisade Fencing compliments its structural strength, providing an ideal visual and physical barrier against would-be intruders, ensuring safety for premises, property and people.

Boundary Gate and Barrier Contracts can supply and install Palisade Fencing to secure your perimeter and protect your premises.

By holding stock of standard size palisade, Boundary Gate and Barrier Contracts are able to offer you a rapid installation solution, ensuring a swift response to emergency fencing repairs.

Boundary Gate and Barrier Contracts can also provide Palisade Fencing infill for your existing Sliding Gates, Cantilever Gates or Hinged Gates, providing a uniform and aesthetically pleasing finish.

No matter the size or location of your fencing requirements Boundary Gate and Barrier Contracts can provide you with the most competitive, cost-effective and durable palisade security fencing available.

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